Shroud of Turin Available for Veneration Via Livestream

Shroud of Turin Available for Veneration Via Livestream

On Holy Saturday, the Archdiocese of Turin livestreamed a veneration of the Shroud of Turin.

Turin Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia said he organized the livestream in response to thousands of requests from “elderly and adults and young people, healthy and sick, who ask[ed] me that, in the moment of great difficulty we are living, if they can pray during Holy Week in front of the Shroud, to implore Christ, who died and was Risen.” 

The Shroud has been on display now since Easter Saturday and will be available for veneration through television and social media until Easter Friday, April 17. 

Watch Veneration of the Shroud of Turin via EWTN here: 



Pope Francis writes to Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia

Pope Francis welcomed the livestream according to an article from Catholic News Agency. In a letter to Archbishop of Turin, Pope Francis wrote:

“I wish to express my warm appreciation to you for this gesture, which comes in response to the request of God's faithful people, harshly tried by the coronavirus pandemic… we contemplate in this Cloth the icon of the Lord Jesus crucified, dead and risen. To Him we entrust ourselves, in Him we trust. Jesus gives us the strength to face every trial with faith, with hope and with love, in the certainty that the Father always listens to his children who cry out to Him, and saves them.”

Learn about the Shroud of Turin at Magis Center 

If you would like to learn more about the Shroud of Turin, see the resources below. May your veneration of the Shroud give you peace and hope in this time of trial. 


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