Evidence of God from Contemporary Science & Philosophy

Evidence of God from Contemporary Science & Philosophy

Some of the contents of this chapter are quite technical, but this is an unavoidable consequence of discussing the scientific and philosophical evidence for God.

A less technical presentation could fall prey to criticisms about the probative nature of the evidence for God given below. If readers find this daunting, you may want to return to the summaries of the evidence given in another volume (the second layer of this web page).

does science disprove god

Despite the challenge, I would encourage readers to take a serious look at this evidence, because it not only enjoys the respect of a great number of scholars and scientists, but also because it comes from some of the 20th and 21st centuries’ greatest scientific and philosophical minds.

The contemporary evidence for God – from philosophy, science, and the medical study of near death experiences is enormous. This book presents a good cross section of that evidence,but does not exhaust it. In this chapter we will discuss three principle areas of evidence for God.

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